hubbyniI am regular, simple person who has had a tubal ligation. I may not be articulate, but I must share with you in my own words about my tubal ligation experience. I don’t have a history of medical problems and am one of the last ones to take a pill for any problem.

I need to tell you because I am not the only one who has suffered from their tubal ligation. I want to warn others of the possible problems a tubal ligation might cause them. Maybe you are thinking about having a tubal ligation right now, or you may be searching for answers since your tubal ligation. I want offer you support and help. Why take the risk of side effects, when you can use another form of birth control that has no side effects? Having your tubes tied may not be the easy fix you think it is.
I want to especially thank my husband for being so understanding and loving to me during this trial. I have seen a lot of women suffer, so much more than I have, with little or no support, it really breaks my heart. If didn’t believe in the Lord, this would have been so much harder to do, and I am not sure I could have gone through this without Him.
I also want to thank PTLS advocate Amy for her continued support and work on behalf of all of us who have PTLS. Please check out her blog:





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