Is PTLS real

Is Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome real?
If PTLS is real, why don’t doctors acknowledge it? Some doctors will admit a tubal ligation has side effects, affecting around 5% of patients. Since this is a relatively small number, it seems that they don’t think it is important enough to recognize. I am not really sure why, but these are my observations and opinions from my own experience and being a part of support groups. I just read yesterday, that it affects around 30%. I tend to believe it does indeed affect a higher percentage of women. When a woman goes to her doctor with problems after her tubal ligation, her doctor is going to try to give her some reason for her ailment, and since most doctors assume a tubal ligation can’t cause any problems, they automatically blame the problems on some other cause. Women tend to believe their doctors, rarely questioning their opinions. Doctors are telling women in their 20’s and 30’s they are getting older and this is causing their problems. Some blindly accept that explanation, but others don’t. A growing number of women are finding others online who have had the same problems since having tubal ligations. I believe one day doctors will have to acknowledge that a tubal ligation often causes side effects, because we are not going away and we are telling others. What surgery doesn’t have side effects? Please ask around before having a tubal. Speak to other women who have had their tubes tied. Whether they have had them cut and burned, or used clips or rings, you will find that many women have had complications and adverse side effects. Many have had to go on birth control pills, others have had ablations, and still others have resorted to having hysterectomies, all in the hope of relieving the problems that began when they had their tubal.
There are many support groups on facebook, here is one to check out:

Here is an interview about PTLS with Dr. Monteith from Chapel Hill.


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