My Reversal

My Tubal Reversal
I have read so many testimonials from ladies who have had reversals to stop the pain of their tubal ligations. They find relief from a reversal. Lord willing, I will have my body back, even though it probably has damage that cannot be reversed.
I am scheduled for a tubal reversal this month. YAY, I am getting fixed!!! I am very excited and nervous about the surgery. Since I am still nursing and my menstrual cycle has not returned yet, I will not know for a while if my periods will go back to normal. Some people might be confused, yes; I am having a reversal because of PTLS, not because I want more children. If you research PTLS, you will find a lot of women have reversals for the sole purpose of getting rid of their PTLS, not to have more children.
I will update.
March 26, 2014:
I did have my reversal March 17, 2014. It has been a little over one week. The first thing I noticed was my bloating was gone. My surgery swollen belly was smaller than before my reversal. The next thing I noticed was a fog I didn’t realize I had. Driving home the day after my reversal I was amazed how clear everything was. Thirdly, even though I am recovering for surgery, I have so much energy! I have to stop myself for doing things around the house now because I am supposed to take it easy for 2 weeks. When I lay my head on my pillow at night, I am not completely exhausted. I had really thought my energy level was ok since taking iron pills, but now I know that it was still very low. I am very excited to see what other changes will happen. I wonder if the dark skin on my forehead will go away and will my periods go back to normal?


At the hotel after surgery

At the hotel after surgery

My filshie clips

My filshie clips

April 2,2014

Here is a quick update on my recovery.  My breast seem fuller.  I have mentioned, I am still nursing and it does seem like I have more milk, I don’t think there is a way to really determine this though.

I have been able to get more done around the house during my recovering from surgery than before my reversal.  I can actually stay up at night now.  I would nod off in the evening, with barely any energy.  My energy level really limited what I could do at night.  I have been able to spend more time with my family!

I have been ravenous, so hungry!  I am not sure why but my appetite has really increased.  I am trying to lose weight, so I really have to rein that in.  I had been eating what I like, not sure if it because I am recovering from surgery or not. I have not gained any weight since my reversal.  My clothes do fit differently now because I don’t have the bloating.


April 14th:

It has been 4 weeks since surgery, here is an update:

I have lost 4 pounds, I think this is because I am more active, I can do a lot more than before. I am still amazed about how much energy I have.  I went to the grocery in the afternoon one day last week and that same day I went out after supper to take pictures at a park with my girls.  Hardly seems like much but before I would have not been able to do this.  If I didn’t get to the store before 1, I would send someone else to the store or called hubby to pick something up for dinner, going out after dinner to do something…I could not do that.  I see now that the way I was doing things became normal to me and it is totally not normal.

My dark patch of skin on my forehead has faded a little.  I sort of wished I would have taken a before picture, but this would have required taking a picture without make-up on. Still hoping it fades even more.

I have read a lot about a lot of women whose pms gets better after a reversal, mine seems worse. I also have stronger bouts of anxiety that are strong than fade ( I usually pray for it to pass).

This last week I felt confident to lift whatever I wanted without worry about my incision.

Overall after 4 weeks, I feel fantastic.  I have not had a menstrual cycle, still nursing:)

May 23, 2014

I finally had my first period after my tubal reversal.  I had some spotting on Sunday, didn’t know if it was the start of my period of not because I had NO cramping.  NO cramping, No bloating, No clots, NO heavy bleeding . I went through half a pack of regular pads, this is a big change since before I would go through almost 2 packs of overnights. My period stopped Thursday night.  I had 2 doctors tell me that if I had a tubal reversal that it wouldn’t change my periods, they were wrong again!



  1. Would love to talk to you about plts. I’m thinking of doing a reversal. Every since I’ve had my tubes tied I’ve had problems. No energy, the fog you mentioned is real I have it…. Just want to have life again for my kids.

  2. Hi Heather, I am so sorry you are having problems since your tubal. I mainly had my reversal because of how bad my periods became after my tl. I had no idea my energy level was so bad until after my reversal.

  3. I have very heavy periods, not a lot of pain but some. Big clots, feel like I’m bleeding to death most times. Did your insurance cover or were you out of pocket? I’m going to find a doctor and meet and see about reversing

  4. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I’m curious how you are now a year past reversal? I’m looking into a reversal to relieve PTLS symptoms as well. Thanks

    1. Erin,
      I have meant to do an update but have been so busy. The dark patch of skin on my forehead is completely gone. I can exercise again. My period is now every 25 days, with bleeding being mild to moderate and lasts 4 to 5 days (5th day is just spotting a little). I go through about half of a package of regular pads during my period compared to almost 2 large packages of overnight pads after my tubal ligation. Overall I bleed heavier than I did before my tubal ligation but NOTHING compared to my period after my tubal ligation.

  5. I was pretty healthy before having my tubal. Even though I had 4 csections I never had many problems. Well during my last csection I had a tubal because it seemed like my best option to not have anymore kids. well a couple of months later my weight wasn’t leaving like normal and my hair was falling out. I felt like I didn’t have energy to move. So come to find out I am now diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I feel like the tubal had something to do with it. I’m not the same and I feel horrible everyday. I get migraines everyday and I’m miserable. I want a reversal but am worried about getting pregnant bc my cousin had it done to have a baby and she now has an almost 1 year old daughter so I know it’s possible. The tubal has changed me and I hate it

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience. FYI, I ‘ve lighter period just 2 days instead of 4 days before my TL. Also, lack of energy. I wanted to have TR but worry it might give worse result / won’t change any of my current syndrom. I also phobia/ resist to have to anymore surgery. May I know whether your TR is open surgery/ laparascopic? How is the recovery? Is it similar to recovery of C section?

  7. Hi Selena,
    I had my TR two weeks ago, it was done as a laparotomy (2-3 inch incision). The recovery is not as bad as section, because there is no cutting into your uterus. I felt no surgical pain after 10-14 days after surgery. As far as I know, there is no guarantee that TR will work for your PTLS but I can’t imagine it’d make it any worse :). Do a lot of reading and talk to other women and you’ll be able to make a decision that’s right for you! Good luck 🙂

  8. I had a tubal after the birth of my daughter10 years ago. I haven’t felt the same since. I have had so many tests and everything comes back normal. I asked drs if it’s because of the energy, weight issues, just no enthusiasm, headaches, the drs say it’s all in my head, I am seriously thinking of getting a reversal not only to feel better but my husband and I have thought about having a child.

  9. Hi

    I plan to have a tubal reversal due to Ptls but some said it helps and some said the symtopms get worse or the same. I’m so confused because I already planned of having a TR in Novemeber 2017. I hope my decision is right and will help all of my ptls go away after a TR. Any comments or advise will kindly appreciate.


    1. It is such a personal decision, I had a lot of worries before mine, I wasn’t sure if it would actually help. I didn’t want to waste my time, money and going through a surgery is so scary in itself. I am so very happy that I had the TR. I hope you can have a peace of mind about your decision. I was at the point that I felt like I had to get the surgery even if it didn’t work, I just had to try to do something and getting those clips out was one of the best decisions I did for myself physically. I hope this helps you 🙂

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