My Tubal Ligation

Before surgery, I was asked if I was allergic to metal and I told them I was sensitive to cheap jewelry.  The nurse asking the questions and I agreed that the metal in the clips was probably okay since they are made from titanium.    I found out later that there is nickel in the spring of the clips.

tubal ligation

tubal ligation

My surgery went well, and I went home soon after.

The problems after my tubal:

They said to expect bloating for a few days, and I did; but the bloating didn’t go away. I kept thinking “oh the next day it will be gone.”  Then I had such a major dilemma, I didn’t even think about my bloating. A couple of weeks after my tubal, I developed a dark skin discoloration on my forehead.  I had one normal menstrual cycle, and then, when my next period was due, I started to spot. But my period didn’t come because I was pregnant.

My pregnancy never felt right, and a couple of times I had asked my doctor if everything was going ok.  She told me everything was normal.  I still had an uneasy feeling about it. When it was time for my 20 week ultrasound, I asked her if it was ok to bring some of my children to the appointment.  She said it was and so I brought my three daughters with me to that appointment.  The tech stopped the ultrasound within a minute and called the doctor.  The doctor came in and asked the girls to wait in the hall. Then she told me the baby didn’t have a heartbeat anymore.  To say that I was heartbroken would be an understatement.

There were many times I asked my doctor “how could this happen?, how did I get pregnant after my tubal?”  She said she didn’t know, but she had done everything right during my surgery and maybe one of the clips was loose.  She told me that scar tissue would develop where the clip was loose and block my tube.  I felt I had caused this miscarriage, if I didn’t have my tubes tied I would have never miscarried.  I thought something was wrong from the beginning and my hormones were so messed up I could not carry a pregnancy because my tubal had changed me.  During my pregnancy I had high blood pressure on and off, crazy high numbers ( I don’t have high blood pressure and it usually goes down during my pregnancies not up).  When my doctor left the hospital the night I was induced, she turned to me and said, “We will find out what happened to the baby?”  She never got back to me on that. When I went in for my 6 week check-up, I assume she asked me, because I was crying, “What, are you depressed now?”  Hello, I just lost a baby and you are asking me that?

We scheduled an HSG and on Oct 31, 2008 I was told my tubes were blocked. I was surprised they were blocked, I still couldn’t wrap my mind around how I got pregnant, after a while I became at peace with not knowing.





Physically, I was not really recovering.  I stayed in bed for about two months after my miscarriage and finally decided I had to get up.  I was not depressed but I did not have any energy.  In the months that past, I tried exercising because I thought if I did it would give me energy.  It made me worse.  It would take me about 2 days to recover from exercise. When I woke up I didn’t have any energy until I had my coffee but that soon wore off.  I remember going grocery shopping and wanting to literally sit down waiting at the check out.  After dinner I went to bed, I was so sleepy.  I arranged my days to only do one major activity, if I went shopping I could not do anything else (grocery shopping became a major activity). My resting heart rate had also changed, before my tubal it was always in the 60’s now it was in the high 80’s and 90’s.  I felt like something was wrong but I just knew if I went to the doctor they would tell me I was depressed.  I was not depressed, I love my husband and children.  I am a Christian and I love my God and the hope I have in Jesus is very real( I am not saying Christians can’t get depressed or PTLS doesn’t cause depression).  I thought, well maybe I am just getting old and older people are more sleepy.

During this time my periods had changed, but I learned to live with it.  I went through almost 2 packages of overnight pads every period.  I had gushes of blood that literally felt like I was a faucet and someone had turned on the water.  Huge clots and I am mean huge.  Previous to my tubal I had periods that lasted 3-5 days every 28 days, now my periods were almost every 21 days and I bled for 7-10 days.  Occasionally I would go very late.  The dark skin on my forehead that I got after my tubal got darker and one week before my period I had such horrible stomach pains, I couldn’t eat.  The bloating I had was so severe I thought I looked 5 months pregnant.

I finally decided to go to a doctor and I thought, ” well if he tells me I am depressed, I will just sit there and listen to it”, because I really felt like I needed to see a doctor, something was wrong.  The visit went well, he took me seriously, but didn’t have any answers.  He did a blood test and the nurse called the next day to tell me to start taking iron because I was severely anemic.  I asked her if it could be from my periods and she said, this is something you don’t get from your period, your levels are too low.  We did another test to determine if I was losing blood somewhere else, that turned up negative.  This doctor sent me to an oncologist.

I started taking iron pills and went to the oncologist.  After talking with him he did another CBC and had me come back, my iron levels were rising. He thought perhaps I had uterine fibroids and this was causing my heavy periods.  He sent me to an OBGYN.  I had an ultrasound of my uterus and no fibroids were found.  I asked this doctor if my tubal caused this because before my tubal my periods were not like this.  She assured me that it was not from my tubal.  She told me I could go on birth control pills to control my bleeding.  I have to say this was such an oxymoron I still laugh when I think about it.  This is what usually happens to women who have problems with their periods after a tubal, they go on BIRTH CONTROL pills, hahaha!  It is either laugh or cry right?  Well the other fantastic option, I was given was to have an ablation.  This is not recommended anymore for women who have had tubals, (because it can cause Post Ablation Tubal Sterilization Syndrome or PATSS and after she described what an ablation was, there was no way I wanted one. The last resort was to have a hysterectomy.  I asked about the dark skin on my forehead also and was told it was a coincidence.  I left her office to think about my options.  I talked to my husband about it and decided I was going to keep taking iron pills and live with the bleeding.  I had a follow –up appointment with this doctor, I never made it because once again I was pregnant.


C-section op

C-section op


I am writing this about my problems I have had with my tubal ligation, and not with my pregnancies.  I went on to have a healthy pregnancy; I delivered via c-section since my husband and I wanted to see what happened to my tubes.  In my OP report it states my left clip had slipped or the tube grew over the clip.  Since I have no period during pregnancy or nursing, I felt the best I had in years and loved being pregnant and thankfully nursing kept my period away.  After 9 months my periods came back even though I was still nursing.  They were irregular for a little while, but soon back to the way they were before my pregnancy.  I began searching online for a connection between tubal ligations and heavy bleeding and found out I was not the only one that this had happened to.  I found a group of women who were suffering with many problems after their tubals.  I always felt it had something to do with my tubal ligation, but the few doctors I had spoken to told me tubal ligations do not change your period.

It seems like if an OBGYN admitted that there are side effects from a tubal they would be admitting to doing something that harms us.  So they insist that it must be in our heads.  How could that be?   All of these women who have the same problems, conspired to have those problems after having a tubal?  Does that make sense or could it even be possible?

This is what happens when you go to your OBGYN when you have problems after your tubal.  They tell you a couple things.  First off, there is no way it could be caused from your tubal.  You are having problems because of your age or because of the number of children you have had.  If you don’t swallow that pill they tell you it is all in your head and you are causing your physical problems.

Here is one conversation I had with an OBGYN

Me, “2 weeks after my tubal I got this dark coloring on my forehead, isn’t that from a hormone change”?

Dr., “Yes it is from a hormone change but it didn’t happen from your tubal, it is a coincidence”.

Me, “Ever since my tubal ligation my periods have changed”.

Dr. “Well it might be because of your age”.

Me,” I was 36 when I had my tubal ligation, it didn’t change over time it happened right after my tubal”

Dr., “It might be because of the number of children you had, since a tubal ligation doesn’t change your periods or hormones”.

Here is a question I have, how can doctors be so sure a tubal ligation doesn’t change your periods or hormones when NO ONE fully understands how our hormones work.  Can they really say that they know all the affects of a tubal ligation on the complex processes of our bodies?

I want to share with you other conversations I had with a doctor over my visits during my last pregnancy.

When I went to the doctor, he told me he did reversals and said he would give me one.  I was surprised he did them and asked a friend who works in a hospital if she ever heard of him doing them, she had not.  This doctor went on to tell me he had a colleague’s wife who wanted a reversal because she didn’t feel the same after her tubal ligation, he said he did a reversal and she felt better…therefore her problems must have been in her head. Huh?

Dr. Assume told me he would tell me why my periods changed after my tubal ligation.

Dr. Assume, “You must have been on birth control pills, so you really didn’t know what your periods were like”.

Me, “I have not been on birth control pills in years, like 20”.

Dr. Assume, “Filshie clips were not meant to be put on the tubes immediately following a birth, your tubes were probably swollen when they were put on”.

Me, “I had my tubal ligation 6 years after my last baby, not after a birth”.

Dr. Assume “Your periods became heavy because you had placenta fragments left in your uterus after your miscarriage”.

Me, I was done talking to him about it, I knew if I said I had an ultrasound of my uterus he would have another excuse for why my periods became heavy after my tubal ligation.

A doctor’s mantra: There is a reason why your periods are heavy now but it is not from your tubal.  It can’t be from your tubal ligation, since a tubal ligation will not change anything.  They will come up with something from “it’s a coincidence” to “placenta fragments”.





    1. It doesn’t seem to matter how it is done, cut/burned, rings or clips, there is a possibility you could have side effects. I think it has something to do with damaging the tube. The doctor is actually damaging the tube not fixing it.

    2. Yes absolutely it can because u have receptors in your tubes that can be damaged and likEly will be and that’s what sends signals to the brain and controll all the hormones so when they r damagedoing it goes crazy and u end up with all these problems!:( I have all the same issues I know….it’s horrible and no way to live!

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