Some background and reasons for having a tubal ligation


Here is a brief account of my past pregnancies before my tubal ligation.  In 1989 I gave birth too early to a beautiful boy at 20 weeks, my water bag broke and he was too small to survive.  In 1990 and again in 1991 I had emergency c-sections with two boys.  They were both preemies and we were so grateful to have them.  In 1994 boy, 1995 girl and 1996 girl, all full term.  In 2002 we had another girl.

So if you are counting, I had 7 pregnancies and 6 live births.  I felt done emotionally but I didn’t feel like I was ready to do anything permanently.   We were living in Minnesota and in 2007 made a major move down south.  My husband was starting a new job (losing very good health insurance), my oldest was graduating high school and the thought of doing something permanent entered my mind again.

I think it is the age we live in, we want something quick and easy, the thought of not worrying about birth control was high on the list of the reasons we decided to go ahead with a tubal ligation.  I had my appointment and after talking to the doctor decided to have the Essure procedure done. I spoke to my mom (who had her tubes cut and burned with no problems) and changed my mind and decided to have a tubal ligation with clips.

I asked my doctor if a tubal ligation would change my hormones and she said that it wouldn’t.  (I had tried birth control pills for a short time when I was a lot younger and I didn’t do well with it, so I wanted to make sure this wouldn’t affect my hormones like the pill did.)

I did a quick search online about side effects of tubal ligations.  I did find an article about PTLS , but  chose to believe what I read from doctors online about it.  I assumed that PTLS was either psychological, because women regretted having a tubal because they wanted more children, (this would not happen to me since, in my mind, I was done having children), or that the women who claim to have PTLS had recently been on birth control pills, so they didn’t remember what a real period was like (this certainly didn’t describe me either).


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